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Accounting and Bookkeeping Internship & Professional Placement Program

Ross Miller, the Career Academy Mentor Program contributor

Industry job placements and internships benefit everybody involved and enable a seamless entry to the business world for students seeking to use the skills they have learnt in a course.

Internships are liked by sponsor organisations and those looking for staff because they operate in a friendly environment where each party gets the opportunity to see how each other operates in an on-boarding environment where up-skilling is an important aspect of the hiring process.

Candidates find internship programs highly beneficial in the process of finding work and getting promoted as these show a willingness to be tutored and coached, while gaining real world experience.

How the Internship Program Works

If you decide to become an intern under our program, you will undergo a Pre-Qualification which focuses on your training results and existing work experience.

You will then be placed under the management of an experienced program manager where you’ll receive expert guidance and program management from qualified and experienced bookkeepers and/or accountants.

The internship is unpaid and completed on a part-time basis and small businesses participants will have the benefit of having work completed on the company’s accounting files.

Our internship tasks are reviewed and modified periodically to reflect the most recent legislative changes and skill requirements.

Sample Tasks

Accounts Intern

Tasks performed during the internship will involve the completion of a number of daily, weekly and month end tasks including assisting in the preparation of quarterly BAS and assisting in performing payroll functions. This may include:

  • Working on real company data
  • Completing 3 month’s of simple bookkeeping
  • Completing 3 month’s of month end bookkeeping
  • Annual budgeting work
  • Cashflow analysis and reporting
  • Sales analysis and reporting work

Digital Marketing Intern

Tasks performed during the Internship can involve writing blog articles and micro posts, engaging with followers or subscribers, creating content and reporting on analytics. This may include:

  • Using WordPress
  • Using social media, including Facebook & Twitter
  • Writing projects and papers
  • Interpreting digital marketing strategy
  • Reporting on engagement

Virtual Assistant & Office Administration Intern

Office support and administration tasks include working with spreadsheets, documents and presentations as well as communicating with customers, suppliers and employees and managing calendars. This may include:

  • Creating or modifying documents and reports
  • Editing and designing complex spreadsheets
  • Reporting using Presentations
  • Scheduling meetings and attendees

Online Customer Service and Sales Support

Online Customer Support agent tasks including using the phone, website chat and email to communicate with potential customers and existing customers. Tasks can include:

  • Researching competitors products and services
  • Answering pre-sales questions
  • Understanding Frequently Asked Questions
  • Helping new customers understand how to use support

Our Expectations

We have a minimum standard level of entry whereby you have sufficient skills to complete the majority of the intern tasks without the need for constant supervision. Assessment of intern skills is required prior to acceptance into the internship program and placement may depend upon the requirements of Internship Program Providers.

The Benefits to You

The internship is a great opportunity to accumulate Australian hands-on work experience for International students. You will learn how to manage your own time, and the sorts of tasks and projects required of an independent contractor operating their own business. It’s a great lead in to running your own business and becoming your own boss!

When you enter an internship with us you’ll also receive career and small business guidance from our team. You’ll also get the benefit of a reference outlining your performance as a part-time, unpaid intern for the duration of your internship with us.


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