Career Centre

The goals for our Career Academy is to help people in times of change. This includes students

  • transitioning to a different industry or type of work because of a change in circumstances.
  • upskilling because they want to be more valuable to their current employer
  • upskilling because they want to start a business, online business or find work as a contractor

JobSeeker Program

The Career Academy’s original training program for those exploring the numerous paths available in the job market. The JobSeeker program utilises numerous resources to help students understand every aspect of the job, the industry and the macro environment as researched by the Australian Federal Government.

Topics featured in our program include:

  1. Understanding what YOU are looking for in this job — and better understanding yourself
  2. Understanding the future opportunities of selected industries
  3. How to search for jobs
  4. Creating a high quality resume
  5. Preparing personalised cover letters and emails for job applications
  6. Researching the business before make phone contact
  7. How to conduct yourself in a telephone interview
  8. How to present yourself at a face-to-face meeting for the job
  9. Tips from employers about what they are looking for
  10. Negotiating your package
  11. Starting your new job.

Learn more about the Career Academy Career JobSeeker Training Program.