We are 123 Group Pty Ltd and we’ve been helping people use technology to earn an income since 2004.

Certificate in Xero Accounting Now available Directly for $295!

Combine knowledge, experience and technology to achieve your own career goals.

Through National Bookkeeping and Industry Connect we help students learn Xero and MYOB to find work and start a bookkeeping business.

We are the Australian Career Academy with a focus on online training courses and support for remote workers who use the Internet to provide services to an employer or clients as micro business owners.

Industry created and accredited courses and real world case studies and professional introductions will

  • increase your knowledge,
  • improve your understanding about how to use technology, and
  • give you confidence in performing real work in real working & business environments.

Learn more about us and trust that you are working with an established business that has your career and future prospects in mind.

Work from home using technology skills

There are skills you can learn that are valuable to every business and most of these can now be performed remote, working from home.

These remote working skills include:

  • bookkeeping,
  • website design,
  • website and software analyst
  • office support and virtual assistant,
  • office administration,
  • sales representative,
  • customer service,
  • copy writer,
  • blog writer,
  • email marketing writer,
  • social media marketing,
  • software programmer
  • software and DevOps engineer

See some of the businesses we’ve been involved with and how we help students use what they have learnt to get real world experience.

Skills and Training for Work-at-home Jobs


Working at home has become the new normal for most people but for our team its been like that for over 10 years. Our team work remotely from their own homes using technology that enables us to

  • promote our products and services,
  • take orders,
  • provide customer service,
  • manage our accounting and
  • collaborate on team projects.

Some jobs can be performed remotely from home and other jobs are perfect for doing at home.

Many more jobs are now available to people working remotely from home than ever before and recent events make it even more important to be able to work from home.

Learn about the best work at home jobs

Structured Courses & Industry Connect

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital marketing is no longer a task left to a dedicated sales and marketing staff member – not for small businesses.


Students who complete our office administration courses and are applying for jobs are discovering that more and more of the job descriptions include digital marketing tasks.

If you are exploring starting your own bookkeeping business or becoming a virtual assistant, digital marketing is a critical skill that will help you get discovered by potential customers.

Discover Digital Marketing Training Courses with Intern opportunities

Online Business Training Courses


It’s now acceptable to work from home performing most of the tasks that could only be performed in the office in 2019!

Working from home is something you can do as an employee but many remote workers are running online businesses contracting to several different clients. This spreads the risk and provides variety.

Running an online business enables you to earn an income from where ever you want to live! You’re no longer restricted to living within 20km or 1 hour of where you work.

Learn about the Online Business Training Courses

Our Skills focused courses

Accounting and Bookkeeping courses 

Learn how to use

National Bookkeeping and BAS Agents and bookkeeping training courses

See the MYOB & Xero Dual Certificate Accounting Training Course Bundle

Office Support & Administration 

  • Microsoft Office Word,
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and
  • Microsoft Outlook 

See the Certificate in Office Administration Training Course Package (including MYOB & Xero Courses)

Digital Marketing, Communications, Social Media and Advertising Courses

  • WordPress,
  • Google,
  • Facebook,
  • MailChimp,
  • Linkedin and more

Be 100% certain of the best path forward in your education, training, career services and employment. Discover Digital Marketing Courses

Get detailed Course Information

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The Career Academy Jobseeker Training Program and online short courses gives you an opportunity to learn, practice and connect.

You’ll receive details about current special offers and discounts, including 40% discounts and $25 per week payment plans, PLUS Industry Connect with practising professionals.

Career Support Blog Posts

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