Certificate in Payroll using MYOB AccountRight Training Course


MYOB Payroll Training Course Summary

Estimated Time of Completion: 10 hours (10 CPD Points)

Course Inclusions:

  • Industry Endorsed Course & Certificate
  • Concise Instructional Videos
  • 2 x Downloadable Training Manuals
  • Assessment Tests
  • Advanced Certificate in Payroll Administration using MYOB AccountRight
  • Online, Phone & Email Tutor Support
  • Quick Enrol and Start


MYOB AccountRight Payroll Training Course

Use MYOB AccountRight to manage employees, awards, time sheets, PAYG tables and other information like Superannuation percentages are included with the software with no need to go through an updating/upgrading process.

MYOB AccountRight Plus software enables bookkeepers/accountants to perform Payroll processing tasks from the business office or wherever they are which is great in the case of sickness or urgent matters. This course includes Beginners and Advanced Certificate skills using MYOB AccountRight for Payroll Administration.

Beginners Certificate in Payroll using MYOB

MYOB AccountRight Payroll Setup

  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Setting our user permissions
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Payroll Settings – Linked Account Setup
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Payroll Settings – Payslips Setup
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Payroll Settings – Pay Items Setup
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Payroll Settings – Calendar Setup
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Payroll Settings – Super Setup

Manage your Employees

  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Details
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Employment
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Tax Declaration
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Leave
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Bank Accounts
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Pay Template
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Employees – Opening Balances

Processing Payroll using MYOB AccountRight

  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Timsheets – Entering Timesheet Information
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Pay Runs – Posting a simple pay run
  • MYOB AccountRight Payroll – Pay Runs – Pay Run Options

After Processing the Payroll

  • process the weekly pay,
  • look at where transactions are entered in the Accounts list (chart of accounts),
  • make modification or deletions if required,
  • process the payment of payroll liabilities
  • superannuation payments
  • deductions like the social club
  • provide employees with their legislated advice slips and
  • payment summaries.

MYOB Payroll Course – Reporting and Reconciliation

  • Run several reports including Payroll Summary,
  • employee register,
  • balance sheet and profit and loss to reconcile the entries and payments you’ve made,
  • printing of End of Year summaries for employees and
  • backing up your data and closing the payroll year.


Advanced Certificate in Payroll Administration Course topics

  • Create a New Company File
  • Set up your Accounts List
  • Set up Payroll Options
  • Set up Timesheet Preferences
  • Edit an Existing Super Payroll Category
  • Create a New Super Payroll Category
  • Add a New Payroll Category
  • Edit Employment Classifications to Suit the Business
  • Create a Casual Employee in MYOB
  • Create Permanent Employees in MYOB
  • Enter Timesheets in MYOB
  • Process a Pay Run
  • Import Timesheets
  • Process Payroll with Personal Leave included
  • Create a New Deduction Payroll Category
  • View Employee Leave Accrued
  • Process Pay including Annual Leave
  • Run a Payroll Entitlements Report
  • Run a Payroll Journal Report
  • Produce a Balance Sheet
  • Record your Bank Details
  • Record Employee Bank Details
  • Process a Pay Run
  • Create an Electronic Payment File
  • Process Final Pay
  • Update Employee Card File

Single Touch Payroll

This course is updated regularly and includes training on Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2


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