Career Academy Support Services

The Career Academy services will help you in the journey to design your ideal career, find opportunities and apply for them with confidence – even when things don’t always go your own way.

Services Include:

Continuous Course Access

Enrolled into a technical skills course in MYOB and Xero, Microsoft Office or Digital Marketing? The Career Academy Continuous Course Access membership gives you ongoing access and support to the courses you’ve already enrolled into.

Career Success

The Career Academy Career Success Training Program will help you understand what you like to do and are capable of so you can then realise the type of work you should be exploring and where and how to find these jobs.

Career Path Confidence

There will be obstacles in your journey and this support service provides you with key information from an Oxford graduate who faced advertising and achieved his goals despite them.

As a published author this man will not only share some valuable insights that helped him beat the odds, but exercises you can perform to help you identify any issues and design strategies to remain focused.

Resume Review

Your resume is an important document which will help the HR manager decide if you will go into the shortlist for interviewing. It needs to be easy to read and succinct while also containing key information that employers are looking for in their job descriptions and ads.

Application for Success

Applying for jobs is the critical task that gets your details into the hiring funnel. It involves careful scrutinising of the Job ad and description and customising the cover letter (and sometimes your resume) to align with what the employer is looking for.

Job Interviews

If you’ve made it to this stage in the hiring process you’ve done a good job and someone likes what you’ve done. Job interviews are an opportunity for the employer to get to know you to see if they think you’ll be a good fit for the team. Sometimes the interviewer will be your boss, other times they will be just one of many decision makers who can affect your out come in the hiring process. Learn some important techniques that hiring managers use and how to perform successfully.

Job Hunter

Have you applied too many times but have not had any interviews or feedback and are getting discouraged. Do you need a fresh set of experienced eyes to help you improve each step of the job hunting process and help you find more job opportunities and apply for them successfully?