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Marketing has become a lot more technical as the tasks have migrated from the real world to the online world.

Marketing concepts remain the same but the way that customers learn about businesses and begin to use their products and services has changed.

Website development and continuous improvement is an important concept for small and large business websites and how they relate to their visitors and potential customers. Sometimes you don’t know what to put onto your website until you use it as a sales tool.

Content writing for website landing pages, blogs and email newsletters has become an important component and all of that work can now be done by people working remotely from home or anywhere.

Content marketing, SEO & lead generation

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With our own internal digital marketing agency we perform these tasks for ourselves and have since 2004.

A lot has changed since 2004 and our team remain at the cutting edge of digital marketing technology for the purposes of getting discovered online, building trust and converting prospects to customers and students.

We work with commercial clients and students to bring digital marketing skills closer to small businesses as it becomes part of their internal operations.

Some of our students secure intern positions where they use the skills taught in our digital marketing courses for real businesses where they need to achieve real digital marketing goals.

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Content Writers

Writing has become more important since businesses need writers to create keyword rich content that can be crawled by search engines like Google and displayed in search results.

We’ve helped writers understand the connection between their written content, a business’s marketing strategy and lead generation and sales. We’ve connected content marketing writers with local businesses who need these services so they can understand the requirements of ordinary businesses and understand why the writers are needed and the best way to fit into the organisation.

Online Sales Representatives

We’ve taught online sales representatives how to manage incoming inquiries, understand the customers needs and find the best outcome for customers based on their needs and finances.

Online Sales Representatives sign into our online customer support and CRM software to ensure that the business had up-to-date information about the progress of each potential sale in the sales pipeline.

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