DevOps and Agile Software Development

There are some large website hosting companies across the world, including RackSpace, that serious online services business use but most serious internet based businesses migrate to Amazon Web Services because they want the features offered with this strong cloud service.

Migrating tp AWS ensures that online services and smartphone apps can be worked on by many programmers and engineers all working in remote locations and at different times.

The work software programmer perform can be coding, testing, publishing, supporting and bug fixing.

Continuous Development

Cloud-based software is regularly improved, fixed and updated using a remote workforce to add features or improve performance or security while ensuring these services are up and available 24/7, even in times of massive load demand.

One of our earliest migrations to Amazon Web Services was in 2014 when we migrated the AccessID Compliance Cloud System so that it would be secure enough for Australian state government enterprises and so that it could match the demand load for large scale trials and commercial use.

Who did we put through the Career Academy program

Software Engineers


Our software engineers work with interns who have graduated from programming and computer engineering degrees at the University of New South Wales and other tertiary institutions.

They work on technologies like PHP and mySQL for agile website development, as well as the complicated technical area of website hosting with AWS.

Graduates work with our DevOps team to understand the relationship between software development of online services and the hosting platforms that keep them operating quickly and securely.

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