Advanced Certificate in MYOB AccountRight Training Course & Certificate


Estimated Time of Completion: 6 hours

Course Inclusions:

  • Unrestricted Access
  • Instructional Videos
  • Training Workbooks (downloadable in PDF format)
  • Assessment Tests
  • Career Academy Jobseeker Training Program
  • Advanced Certificate in MYOB AccountRight

Available for $25 per week


Unrestricted Course Access

Unrestricted Course Access with the Workface Career Academy Xero & MYOB Advanced Training Courses - CTO Applied EducationAs a student you can move freely from any section of the course to any other section rather than locked into selected parts of the course.

This enables you to progress through the course in the logical order from beginning to more advanced but means that you can access a resource if you need to while you are at your job or if you need to learn something urgently.

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MYOB GST, Reporting & BAS Training Course

The course includes capital purchases (a vehicle) and includes the different costs of running a vehicle should be treated, as well as expenses like entertainment; when FBT applies and an introduction to Payroll where you’ll explore how various aspects of wages are treated in the BAS.

BAS Report and PAYG Introduction

After correctly coding all of these transactions, you’ll set up the Financial Settings of a Business in MYOB AccountRight with regard to the GST registration (Cash vs Accrual and quarterly vs monthly). You’ll run a BAS report, which is combined with our specially-designed “Ad Hoc Payroll” Excel spreadsheet case study calculations in order to work out the final liabilities.

As you progress through this course you’ll see the results of the business owners ‘change of strategy’ and focus for the business. You’ll see what these results look like at the end of the quarter, as well as month-by-month comparisons of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

Decisions Based on Financial Reports

At the end of the course you’ll explore how the business owner can use the information in the reports to change the direction of the business, as well as how he will be able to configure their software to obtain even better reports at the end of the next quarterly reporting period.

Apart from performing all of a businesses compliance requirements, decision making is one of the biggest reasons for business to maintain detailed records and use computerised accounting software.


MYOB Job Tracking Training Course

Measuring the true profitability of a small labourers building project

In this course you will learn the importance of keeping track of all product AND labour costs for every project. You’ll see how the erection of a small tin shed can actually cost the builder money once he start to have to use his truck and some extra men to collect the shed in it’s original packaging, lay down a concrete slab and require several trips to the hardware store for components that wasn’t planned for as well as the costs associated with being rained out on one of their days on site.

Here’s a summary of the activities that you’ll learn to track.

Key elements in this case study are:

  1. Some products are in stock in the builders truck, others need to be bought to complete the job
  2. Cost of labourers time to dig a plot for the rio and put aside on the site
  3. Trips to the hardware shop for wood and nails for formwork
  4. Time to build and assemble the formwork
  5. Leave the project halfway through the day
  6. Filling the formwork with concrete but needing to buy another 10 bags because they underestimated the volume needed
  7. Fill and smooth the concrete then leave for the day
  8. Collect and deliver the shed to the site (requires 2 people)
  9. Cost of unknowns at the site like no power, negotiating with the neighbour and getting an extension cord
  10. Calling over a third person who is working 25 minutes away because they need him to erect the shed

At the end you will see how much the estimator quoted, how much the whole exercise cost and whether that little project was even worth doing.


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