Frequently Asked Questions

Is Career Academy an Accredited School?

The Career Academy resources are aimed at helping students find employment or start a micro business as a virtual assistant or local contractor. As a result the training courses we offer range from “industry accredited” and “employer recognised” short courses that we deliver ourselves or Nationally Accredited Courses that we promote via our Registered Training Organisation partners.

Is Career Academy NZQA Accredited?

No. We are not accredited with NZQA

Is the Career Academy accredited or registered with International Council for Online Educational Standards (also known as ICOES)?

No. We explore most accreditations that are available and where there is a benefit we will join and share the benefits with our students and clients. We have explored ICOES and have not been able to find:

  • a registered business or company name
  • a registered address
  • Linkedin profile or other social media profiles for anyone who is mentioned as a key person within that website